Documentary Film & Social Sciences

The documentary film festival “Fenêtres sur le Japon” (Windows on Japan) was born to explore further the many connections and intersections between the social sciences –particularly those using ethnography– and documentary films. Both are based on viewing the social world starting from fieldwork, that is from a more or less long period of proximity to the persons or places portrayed in these texts or films. Some social science researchers such as Jean Rouch or Eliane de Latour occasionally use cameras to express their observations through another medium. Some film-makers, like Mori Tatsuya, also extend their documentaries by means of books. This festival is meant to be a contribution to a continued dialogue between these two worlds with a place –Japan– as a starting point.

2021 Festival

2021 Festival Call for Entries

The 2021 festival will be held in Paris on December 3rd and 4th, 2021.

Films with 2019, 2020 or 2021 copyright may apply.

Duration: more than 50 minutes
Subject matter: contemporary Japanese society
Languages: French, Japanese with French or English subtitles, English.

→ To compete please send an email to including (1) a brief introduction of the filmmaker, (2) a summary of the film –which will appear on the festival site if the film is preselected –as well as (3) a link to an online copy of your film. Instead of a link you may also upload your film directly on the festival’s Seafile account using this link:

– September 10th, 2021: deadline for reception of films
– September-October: the selection committee preselects four films
– November: announcement of the preselected films which will be screened during the festival
– December 3rd & 4th: Festival


Dimitri Ianni & Nicolas Pinet